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Clothing Suggestions

What to Wear for your Family Photo Session

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be just as challenging as finding the perfect photographer.

These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come.

It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be.

Use these tips to help you pick out the perfect wardrobe for you and your family.

Look for Clothing Collections

When shopping for clothes for my kids, I head to stores that typically have color coordinating collections. I can then purchase clothes for all the children from one store. I know their clothes will coordinate.

Don't Forget Accessories  

Accessories not only add to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos. Have the man wear a tie for the woman to hold. Necklaces for the kids to play with or hats to hide behind.

Limit Patterns

Personally, I enjoy having an outfit in the mix that has all the colors in it. However, not everyone in the photo should wear patterns as it may distract the final image.

Say No to Characters

Yes, your little one may love their Toy Story shirt but you may want to skip it for the family photo session. Just like patterns, characters on shirts can be pretty distracting.

Avoid All White or All Black Clothing

If you are wearing an all white shirt then it is very easy to blow out parts of your shirt causing it to lose its detail. Same can be said with all black, it’s easy to have clipping on black clothing and the detail is lost.

Textures are Your Friend

I am a huge fan of a cotton fitted shirt. However, in photographs I like to add textures like scarves or belts to add a little more to the image. Don’t shy away from different textures.

Think Classic

These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

Even though there are some rules to follow, the main thing is to be yourself, and be comfortable!

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Family Portrait Sessions

$175* - Up to 5 People, 1 Location for 1 hour

$250* - 6 People and above, 1 Location for 1.5 hour

Print (Laminated) Packages starting at $371

All files from Sessions are put onto a USB for an Additional $500

We spend 1.5 hours together at an outdoor location of your choice. You get to run around and have fun. I get to know your kids, their quirks and what makes them giggle! I would like to capture you and your family as you are, in your element.

Newborn Sessions

$250* - Approx. 2.5 hour

Print (Laminated) Packages starting at $371

All files from Sessions are put onto a USB for an Additional $500

These sessions take place in the comfort of your home within 5-10 days after you bring your baby home.

This is the best time to capture all their tiny features! We spend a few hours together and I capture all those little moments (from diaper changes and feedings, to cuddles on the couch).

This style of newborn photography is a lovely alternative if you are craving a more unique way of capturing your new life with a newborn.

*Additional fees may apply for travel expenses

Please add GST to all prices


Frequently Asked Questions

When did You Get into Photography?

I hate to say this, because it seems so cliché, but literally ever since I can remember, I had a camera in my hand!  My first camera was a Pentax K1000 film camera that my Mother gave me for my birthday when I was 10 years old, and I took photos of EVERYTHING!

What Inspires You?

You do! Your love for each other; your personalities and the way you smile at each other; capturing the smallest details that no one else notices; symmetry; straight lines; getting the perfect light in your eye; and the gratification that comes from knowing the next photo could be the best one I’ve ever taken.

What Kind of Camera do You Use?

I’m a strong believer in the saying, “the camera doesn’t make the photographer”, and the gear you have doesn’t necessarily make or break you. With that said, I also believe in providing my clients with the best possible photographs!  I’ve gone through a few different cameras over the years, and I’ve chosen to stick with my Canon gear and am currently shooting with a Canon 80D.

How Far in Advance Should I Book You for My Portrait Session?

I generally book between 3-4 weeks out.  Contact me as soon as you can to make sure your date is still available!  There are certain dates every year that tend to be the most popular (long weekends in May, August, September, and October go first).  Even though those dates go fast, it never hurts to email and ask, even if your wedding is only a month away!

When will Our Photos be Ready?

During the peak of portrait season (April-November), it takes about 2 weeks for us to sort through the files of a portrait session.  If you’re having an early spring or winter session, the estimated time is about 10 days.

Do You have a Studio?

No, I will come to you – your home, your favourite park, a downtown sidewalk or even a birthday party or special event.  There is way more beauty to be found outside, or on location than you could ever do in a studio! !

Can I Bring My Pet to the Photo Shoot too?

Yes! I love animals… especially if they have cute names!

Where Should We Go for Our Shoot?

The session location is completely up to you!  I am a natural light photographer, so sessions that take place outdoors are certainly ideal.  The location is an important element to your session, and my best advice to you would be to choose somewhere that suits your dynamic, or that may be special to you.  Avoid high-traffic areas (no one likes to be stared at!)

What if the Weather Isn’t Agreeing with Us?

One important thing to know is that an overcast day can actually be great for shooting. That being said, shooting in the rain is not that much fun (unless that’s what you want of course)!  If you wake up on the morning of your shoot to see an overcast day, I would still plan to go ahead with the session, and hopefully the rain steers clear.  If, however, it is raining 1-2 hours before our session starts, please feel free to call or email me to let me know that you would like to reschedule.

Is there Anything I Should Bring with Me?

A cute blanket to throw down on the ground in case it’s damp is always helpful; specifically for family shoots and pet shoots; snacks and some toys for the kids or dogs.

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